I’m Maria Harrison-Dooley

Personal Life & Career Coach

When you come to the edge of all you know, partner with a coach to help you fly…

Personal Life Coaching

I am certified as a Core Energy Life and Ontological Coach by The Newfield Network and ICF, is a Reiki Master, certified EFT Facilitator and Prosperity Guide.

Career Building

“In an era when many of us face enormous challenges, we also realize that our traditional training, interpretations and ways of acting are often not enough…

Goal Setting


Yes,    “THE TIME IS NOW –”.


Emotional Freedom Technique

Meridian Tapping

Stress Management

The stresses and demands of modern life are global. Change is intimidating and sometimes even terrorizing, whether it’s voluntary or due to circumstances beyond our control.

Career Advice

“In an era when many of us face enormous challenges, we also realize that our traditional training,…

What Is Life Coaching?

The coach helps you expand the kind of observer you are, in order to see patterns, contexts and questions that you haven’t been able to see. The spectrum of possible actions that we have any moment are determined by the observer that we are.

Who Is Coaching For?

So do you embrace change? Look forward to change? How can you learn to navigate change skillfully and even appreciate and invite change into your life? Many people look for guidance in the art of creating meaning for themselves. One way is to work with a Life Coach who will support you throughout your journey and generate an environment that establishes the trust, safety, respect and well-being that accelerates the potential for transformational learning.

Coaching Packages

Bronze Package  

3  One Hour Sessions

Silver Package 

5 One Hour Sessions


Gold Package 

10 One Hour Sessions



About Maria

Maria Harrison has been a pioneer in the now-booming coaching industry. She has been a Professional Certified Coach since 1996, empowering and inspiring others to evolve in their every-day challenges, their lives, business and work environments. She is a Graduate of and certified as an Ontological Coach by The Newfield Network, is a member of The International Coaching Federation, a Certified Prosperity Guide, and a Reiki Master. Maria received her B.S. from Occidental College and her M.S. from The American University.

Having studied, apprenticed, and been certified by Master Coaches in California, Colorado, and Chile, Maria was honored and privileged to work with Dr. Wilson Araya, MD, a medical intuitive and healer in Chile, who is widely known for his energy work with cancer patients in South and Central America. Together, Dr. Araya and Maria co-authored and conducted workshops on “Self-Knowledge for Self-Healing”. The wisdom she has gained through her education, training, avocations, and especially her life experiences greatly influence how she supports her clients and herself.


“I see in Maria a wonderful coach, because she does not just talk and tell people things. She talks from experience and actually does these things herself and therefore can understand where someone is coming from.

“I have had many deeply moving and profound coaching sessions with Maria. She has been a shining light in my life. She provides a safe and yes, fun, learning environment.”

Maria helped me getting back in the flow of things and letting go of resistance. By that she prepared me for a job interview that I had some questions about.”

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